Barrett Brandeice, Ms - MSc, LSSYBC,

Lecturer: Chemical and Biological Engineering Programme
Barrett Brandeice, Ms - MSc, LSSYBC,

Courses Taught


  • Che3004 Heat Transfer (Unit Operations IV)
  • CHE 3008 Mass Transfer (Unit Operations V)
  • CHE3001 Particle Technology (Unit Operations III)
  • CHE1001 Elementary Principles of Chemical Engineering
  • CHE2004 Chemical and Biological Processes


Research Topics

  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Bioproduct



Barrett, B. and Aples, N. (2020). Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution and Potential Ecological Risk in Waste Activated Sludge from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants Located in Eastern Jamaica. Journal of Arts Science and Technology (JAST) Vol. 13, No.2.