UTech, Ja and Sagicor Sign Mou to Collaborate on IT Initiatives

Affixing their signatures to the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Technology, Jamaica are President, University of Technology, Jamaica, Professor Stephen Vasciannie, Mr. Christopher Zacca, President & CEO, Sagicor Group Jamaica,  and Professor Nilza Aples, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing.

The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja.) and the Sagicor Group Jamaica have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation on research and information sharing on Information Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives. The MoU agreement was formally signed on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by President, UTech, Jamaica, Professor Stephen Vasciannie and Mr. Christopher Zacca, President & CEO, Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited at a ceremony held at the university’s Papine Campus.

Under its scope, the partnership will enable the integration of resources to support research and development on financial technology platforms and the eventual establishment of the Sagicor Innovation Lab at UTech, Jamaica.

The project is the latest in a number of recent collaborations by the University with an emphasis on research and innovation, with impact on both government and private sector agencies. Mr. Zacca and Professor Vasciannie both expressed excitement at the prospects for innovation and research under the partnership.

Professor Vasciannie noted that the UTech-Sagicor project, which will be anchored in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, would act as a catalyst for wealth creation and economic development. For UTech, it will provide both undergraduate and graduate level students with opportunities for training and internships, while providing Sagicor with access to “an expert team of experienced and knowledgeable educators and researchers.”

Mr. Zacca said, “We have embarked on a journey of innovation at Sagicor, and are constantly seeking ways to unlock creativity and research to further the development of techniques [and] applications, for digitization of our business. This is very timely, it’s very exciting. We look forward to owning a piece of ‘the Jamaican Google’, and making a few billion dollars out of it in the future.”

Mr. Zacca further predicted that the Sagicor Innovation Lab, would become a landmark on campus, and redound to the benefit of the students and the university.


Michelle Beckford 
Corporate Communications Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica
Telephone: 970-5299
Email: mbeckford@utech.edu.jm