Governor-General Urges Adherence to Values in the Use of Technology

…at UTech, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture

His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General delivering the University of Technology, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Distinguished Public Lecture on the topic, “Promoting Excellence to Enhance Development,” to a capacity audience at the University’s Papine Campus on Thursday, July 12, 2018.


His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General delivered the University of Technology, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Distinguished Public Lecture on July 12, 2018 at the Papine Campus.

The Governor- General brought a formidable message of hope for Jamaica’s capacity for excellence, anchored on personal and collective responsibility, sound values and the “good use of God-given talents, gifts and abilities.”

In  his lecture, titled, “Promoting Excellence to Enhance Development,” the Governor-General shared on some facets of excellence, including technological innovation and traditional values which promote and enhance development and can generate economic growth and impact social transformation.

Quoting from the Learning Forum International’s “The 8 Keys of Excellence,” His Excellency underscored the importance of integrity – matched behaviour with values; learning from mistakes; speaking honestly and kindly with good purpose; making the most of every moment, commitment to making one’s dreams happen, ownership of one’s actions, flexibility and balance in  mind, body and emotions.

Purpose-Driven Use of Technology

While noting the promises of long-term gains in efficiency and productivity afforded by the Digital Age of Information Communication Technology, (ICT) His Excellency pointed to some of the many negative repercussions of the misuse of technology, such as lottery scamming - when personal data falls into the wrong hands, identity-theft, hacking, cyber bulling, distribution of child pornography, espionage, inciting hate  and cheating on examinations. In this regard, The Governor-General called on leaders in the field of education to be concerned not just with the nurturing of intellect and skill, but with influencing the consistent application of core values in technology usage, even while respecting individual choice, encouraging creativity and supporting innovation. 

“Unless behaviours are underpinned by core values which inure to the creation of sustainable relationships, connected communities, and nations, all with a shared vision, we will continue to reap the whirlwind of dysfunctionality, disharmony and division,” he asserted, adding that sustainable development and excellence will be best achieved with “the marriage of the purpose-driven use of technology with the internationalization of the core values which have withstood the test of time.”

His Excellency also urged educators to stay abreast with technological advancements and the utilization of information technology to redefine learning, particularly for the generation of millennials who will occupy such professions as Social Media practitioners, Cloud Specialists, Data Architects and  Digital Marketers.  “It is therefore imperative that universities respond in a meaningful way to changing social and economic circumstances, changes in concepts of knowledge, styles and technologies of learning,” he noted.

Reflecting on his well-known I Believe Initiative, programme for excellence, the Governor-General reiterated the call for the prudent use of technology and the role of the home and school in promoting values and attitudes of integrity.

Excellence in Management                                                                                    

In pointing to excellence in management, the Governor-General also shared some suggestions for promoting excellence in organisations.  Among them he noted the importance of robust operating systems, individual responsibility, time management, the capacity of managers to “manage” and follow-through for quality assurance.

The Governor-General congratulated the university on its 60th anniversary milestone, noting that “the University of Technology, Jamaica has grown not only in years, but has shown genuine maturity – in quality, the range of offerings, and impact on our country, the region and beyond.”

The lecture was chaired by Professor Stephen Vasciannie, President, UTech, Jamaica.  In moving the Vote of Thanks, Professor Colin Gyles, Deputy President thanked the Governor-General for his inspiring call to action, his words of wisdom, and for the reminder to honour our collective obligations to promote excellence in all our actions.  Professor Gyles  also thanked His Excellency for the reminder that, “excellence builds trust and that the genius that we admire is invariably talent combined with untiring effort.”

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, CD, (right), President, University of Technology, Jamaica escorts Their Excellencies the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, (left), Governor-General and the Most Honourable Lady Allen and their party on their arrival at the Shared Facilities Building, Papine Campus  for the UTech, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Distinguished Public Lecture. 

His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen greets guests on his arrival, (from left), the Honourable Dr. Patricia Dunwell, CD, Custos of St. Andrew, Prof. Colin Gyles, Deputy President, Mr. Richard Powell, Pro-Chancellor and the Most Honourable Mr. Edward Seaga, ON, PC, Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica while Professor Stephen Vasciannie, President, UTech, Jamaica looks on.

The UTech, Jamaica Choir leads the audience in the singing of  The University Song.


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