ADVISORY: Graduation Ceremonies - November 2 and 3, 2019






The ceremonies for the annual Presentation of Graduates will be held on Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3, 2019  at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium, Papine Campus commencing at 10:00 am on both days. The following are some important reminders to the UTech, Jamaica community to ensure the smooth flow of the proceedings and to ensure that the ceremony is a memorable day for our graduates and guests. 

 Traffic Control

Traffic control will be directed by the Safety and Security Department, University of Technology, Jamaica with the support of the  Jamaica Constabulary Force Traffic Police.  The Jamaica Constabulary Force will  monitor, direct and control traffic flow along the corridor between Jamaica College and Papine.  They will also monitor traffic lights, entrances and exits. 


Entry and Exit

There will be two main entrances to the Campus on the Graduation days.


  1. The entrance at the Faculty of Science and Sport, (FOSS), 235 Old Hope Road is reserved for VIP/Staff only.  Staff who registered to attend must present a valid UTech, Jamaica ID to be allowed entry. Security Personnel /Police Officers will assist with directions from Old Hope Road to the entrance at FOSS.
  2. The Main Entrance will be used by all visitors.  Visitors will be directed by security personnel/Police Officers to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the Campus.  Directional signs will also be posted.
  3. Vehicles will be directed to the designated routes and parking areas.  A shuttle bus service will be provided for some of the designated parking areas.
  4.   A Drop Off  Point for visitors who are not parking, will be accommodated  between the  Faculty of Law and the town houses.  These vehicles are  to make their exit through the back gate.   
  5. VIPs will exit as entered.
  6. Following the ceremonies, both the main front gate and the back gate will be used for exit.  No entry will be allowed immediately following the end of each Graduation Ceremony.


Seating at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium is limited and we therefore ask that persons adhere to the following guidelines and procedures.  

Attendance at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony is limited to: 

  • Members of the 2019 Graduating Class who are duly registered
  • Guests of graduates with invitations (each graduate is provided with two invitations for their guests)
  • Members of the University Council
  • Members of the Academic Board
  • Faculty/staff who are processing
  • Specially invited guests with invitations
  • Accredited workers and volunteers.


  • A check point will be erected at the intersection between the back field and Farquharson Hall.  All persons, except VIPs, are to access the Auditorium via this check point.  The check point opens at 7: 30 am.   
  • No one will be allowed entry to the Auditorium without a proper pass.  Each person (including children) is required to have an invitation to be seated.   
  • Guests are discouraged from bringing babies/very young children to the ceremony as no special arrangement is made to accommodate them. 
  • Staff who are not processing  but who would like to attend the Graduation Ceremonies will be accommodated in the assigned overflow areas.  Visitors without valid (original)  invitation will be redirected by security personnel.  
  • Guests are asked to be seated by 8:30 am.


The official assigned photographers are Bryan’s Photo Studios Limited and the Calvin McKain Library.  Official videographers are the Calvin McKain Library, Learning Technologies Support Unit (LTSU), UTech, Ja. and invited media. Only the official photographers and videographers will be allowed to take photographs and videotape during the ceremony at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium.


Live Stream

Watch live stream of the ceremony at


For further information 


Assistant Registrar, Student Services

Telephone:  976- 970 – 5193 or Extensions: 2193, 2280