Acting President's Communique re: Operations for Semester 2 Academic Year 2022-23

The University Community is being advised that the online blended modality for teaching and learning will continue in Semester 2, Academic Year 2022-2023 as approved by the Academic Board. The blended approach will involve a combination of online lectures and tutorials (with some face-to-face options), in person-practicals, lab sessions and studios. Final assessments will be based on the requirements of the particular discipline and module, and these may include face-to-face final examinations, as determined and advised prior to the beginning of classes by the College or Faculty.

Lectures will continue to be delivered online, recorded and made available for access to students. Tutorials will be mainly online, while face-to-face options, and practical components will continue to be delivered in person.

Colleges and Faculties will communicate with students, the modality of delivery for each module and advise on modality for final assessments or alternative options for Semester 2 before classes begin.

Students are advised to contact their respective College/Faculty for academic advisement. For technical assistance, students are invited to contact the Tier 1 Support Desk at

Although requirements for masks and other COVID-19 mitigation measures have been eased by the Government, at this time, the University Community remains mindful of the continuing risks of the disease in Jamaica and across the world. As such, we strongly encourage persons to be vigilant on the Campus, and to practice frequent hand washing/sanitization to help in minimizing the spread of the disease as we seek to keep each other safe.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Colin Gyles, CD, PhD
President (Acting)

December 24, 2022