Message from President

It is a special joy for me to extend my heartiest congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2023. Your arrival at this pinnacle of your journey is testament to your commitment, your resilience, and your hard work. Congratulations on overcoming the tumultuous period posed by a global pandemic and other challenges during your sojourn, to successfully complete your degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Today you are proud UTech Knights, and you should feel justly proud to reap the rewards of your labour.


This achievement puts you among the less than 15% total number of Jamaicans who have had the privilege of attaining tertiary education. This life-changing accomplishment is a huge step towards your future. A debt of gratitude is owed to your lecturers, administrators, your parents, family, sponsors, and friends who have supported you and made this happy moment possible.


Graduates, you are all leaders; and Jamaica needs your leadership. As you move on to the world of work, entrepreneurship or to further studies, I am confident that you will use your newly acquired UTech, Jamaica certification to make a valuable contribution to your chosen profession, your community, and your country. Jamaica is relying on tertiary graduates to further propel our nation into realizing the Vision 2030 goal of developed country status that will make Jamaica truly a place “to “live, work, raise families and do business.”


You are all leaders because you have proven that you can pursue a goal and achieve it. The strength of your UTech, Jamaica certification now empowers you to step into a future full of possibilities and hope. Share your experiences and newly acquired knowledge with others so that they too will be inspired to excel. In so doing, I encourage you to be good ambassadors of our motto, “Excellence through Knowledge.”


I invite you to maintain a relationship with your alma mater through participation in our Alumni Association and other areas of mutually beneficial collaboration. It is through your continued support of your university that your certification will continue to increase in value.


I wish for you every success in your continuing journey of lifelong learning in fulfilling your dreams of excellence, prosperity, and service to others.


Congratulations on your graduation!


Dr Kevin Brown PhD, MEng (Hons), AMIMechE