The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja.) is pleased to announce a fully online Graduation Registration And Awards Processing System.


In order to register for the Graduation Ceremony on Friday, November 17, or Saturday, November 18, 2023 or Collect Award between December 4 -9, 2023, all graduands are required to complete the following procedures outlined below:

Check for Award Status before attempting to register! Registration Dates October 6 - 31, 2023.
Registration further extended to November 11.

  1. Log on to the Student’s Portal to check whether you have received academic clearance.

  2. Click on the Student Page, then view the Provisional Award Details under the heading ‘Your Academic Information’.

  3. Students who have received academic clearance should complete and submit the graduation registration form by visiting the webpage at

  4. Pay the graduation fee as per the package selected at any Paymaster or Bill Express outlet within 48 hours of submitting the graduation registration form online.

    Once you have paid the graduation fee, the Finance and Business Services office will assess your account to determine your financial obligations and advise you of your status, using the email address on your graduation registration form.

    You are not required to visit the Finance Department for financial clearance, as all communication will be done via email or telephone. Please ensure to read your email and follow the instructions.

  5. If you are financially cleared of all obligations, (that is, tuition fee, boarding fee, Sponsor/ Donor fee,  library fee and  graduation fee) the Finance and Business Services office will:
    1. Send you a confirmation email indicating that you are cleared for graduation and prompt you to complete the process at the Graduation Registration Centre.  

    2. Provide the Student Records Office with confirmation of your clearance status via the Online Graduation Registration System.

    3. Provide the Bryan’s Studio with confirmation of your clearance status to take photograph.

  6. If you are NOT financially cleared, (that is, tuition fee, boarding fee, library fee and graduation fee) the Finance and Business Services office will:  
    1. Send you an email indicating that you are NOT financially cleared for graduation and indicate the outstanding balance which should be paid in order to receive financial clearance.

    2. If you or your sponsor (including Students’ Loan Bureau ) has outstanding fees to pay, you will not be cleared for graduation and will be required to visit the Students' Portal to view the details of your liability and so inform your sponsor (where applicable), to settle promptly.

    3. If your sponsor has advised that they will not be paying the outstanding balance, you would be required to make full payment using any of the University’s payment gateways. Once we have received the outstanding payment, your application for graduation will be processed.

Note: You may visit the student portal to view your account balance and transaction details. This can be accessed from the Student’s Reports drop list, by selecting the Account Balance Information or Account Transactions option to view account.



Paymaster or Bill Express Payment Procedures

Payments for graduation can be made at any Paymaster or Bill Express outlet island-wide, using cash, debit/credit card or Manager’s Cheque.

You will be required to indicate the following to the Paymaster cashier:

  • Student Identification Number
  • Student Name
  • Amount being paid
  • Indicate to the cashier that payment is being made to “UTech, Ja.”
  • Indicate to the cashier the type of payment being made, for example, graduation, tuition, boarding, etc.

You should ensure that the details printed on the receipt corresponds to the information given to the cashier (UTech, Jamaica Bank Account number is NOT required).

It will take at least two (2) working days for fees paid to be processed and for financial clearance to be granted for graduation.

Retain all receipts for transactions done with the University, for future reference.

No graduation payment or registration form will be accepted at UTech, Accounts Receivable