UTech, Ja Graduation Ceremony

 As we look forward to welcoming you to the 2022 Congregation for the Presentation of Graduates on Friday, November 11  at 10 am,  outlined  are the requirements for Graduands who will be participating in the  Ceremony.


2022 Graduation Ceremony will be held at the  National Arena


Graduands will be required to assemble at the National Arena at 8:00 a.m. in the designated area in preparation for the procession. Marshals will place you in alphabetical order. Please remain in place once you have been checked  by the marshals.


Each graduand will be allowed to bring two guests to the ceremony. Tickets must be collected at registration, and presented for entry to the ceremony.

Guests with tickets will be seated first.


For an orderly ceremony, we request that you observe the following:

  • If you arrive after the start of the procession of graduates, you must sit in the audience.
  • Your name will not be called.

However, you will be able to collect your certificate after the ceremony.


Only registered graduates will be permitted to participate in the ceremony.
All outstanding obligations to the University must be cleared prior to registration.

With best wishes for your continued success.