Tribute to the Most Honourable Edward Seaga, O.N., P.C. Chancellor, the University of Technology, Jamaica

The Most Honourable Edward Seaga, ON, PC

The University of Technology, Jamaica notes with profound regret, the passing of former Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Edward Seaga, earlier today.

Mr Seaga has served as a distinguished Chancellor of our University from 2010 to the present. During this period, he was a major source of inspiration and a guide to the leadership of the University. He was instrumental in annual meetings of the University and lent his wealth of experience and expertise to all aspects of the University’s work. He was also Pro-Chancellor at UTech, Ja. between 2008 and 2010.

Edward Seaga was a pioneer in all aspects of Jamaican life. At the University, we recall his most recent public appearance in our community. This was Mr Seaga’s Distinguished Public Lecture in commemoration of the University’s 60th Anniversary. That lecture, which was concerned with the “Origins and Development of Jamaican Music” saw Mr Seaga at his spellbinding best. He reminded us of his outstanding oratorical skills, his deep love of Jamaica and Jamaicans, and of his extensive knowledge of Jamaican cultural and religious practices.

Beyond the confines of the University environment which Mr Seaga has most recently occupied, he has been unsurpassed as a national leader. He was the longest serving Member of Parliament, from 1962 to 2005; pioneered numerous projects at the heart of Jamaica’s infrastructural development; created the Jamaican Festival, conceptualized the HEART Trust/NTA and was one of the architects of the Constitution of independent Jamaica. Mr Seaga’s versatility has also seen him as a central figure in the operations of the Premier League Clubs Association, a connection with football which represents an additional sporting link to his early days of secondary school cricket at Wolmer’s Boys.

Mr Seaga placed himself firmly on the world stage from the time of his early Ministerial positions. He was instrumental in bringing National Hero, Marcus Garvey back to his homeland in 1964, and, in a later time, reaffirmed Jamaica’s alliance with the United States through his personal links with late President, Ronald Reagan and allies.

As Jamaica mourns the passing of Mr Seaga, so does the University of Technology, Jamaica. We offer condolences to all members of the Seaga family, his large universe of friends and colleagues, and the many who have been touched by his practicality, sound judgement and commitment to Jamaica.

May his soul rest in peace.

Stephen Vasciannie
May 28, 2019


Michelle Beckford (Mrs.)
Corporate Communications Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica
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