SCIT Rolls out 2 New Undergraduate Programmes

Dr. Sean Thorpe, Head, School of Computing and Information Technology, University of Technology, Jamaica

The School of Computing and Information Technology, (SCIT) University of Technology, Jamaica will offer two new undergraduate degree programmes  at the start of the 2019/20 Academic year.  These are the Bachelor of Science in Computer Network and Security and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019 SCIT hosted an information session for incoming and prospective students where details of the programme offerings were outlined by their respective programme directors.

Dr. Sean Thorpe, Head, SCIT in his welcome noted that the roll out of the new ICT courses of study are in response to the current global data explosion and the growing high demand for ICT skilled professionals for the jobs of now and for the future.  He shared that “the Business Process Outsourcing (PBO) sector has a new area of focus called knowledge process outsourcing that requires managers with higher order cognitive skills to operate within organisations.”  He expressed confidence that the graduates of both new UTech, Jamaica degree programmes will be able to access such opportunities as middle level managers.

Looking at other opportunities in the ICT space, Dr. Thorpe said that recent data collected by the Jamaica Computer Society where he also sits as President, showed that “Jamaica right now has a shortage of over 10,000 data security and data science professionals.”  In the international space he said that the skills shortage for these two categories of professionals is estimated to be in the region of 2.3 million.

The global perspective on how jobs are rapidly changing to meet the demands of operating information networks and of safeguarding them for the benefit of organisations and of a society, that is  increasingly  inter-connected by information data, was reiterated by all presenters.

Programme Director for the BSc. Computer Information Systems, Mrs. Sophia McNamarah in her overview said that the four-year course of study combines computing with business, management, data analytics and entrepreneurship.  The “hands-on” practical training is expected to equip graduates to design, create and effectively manage computer business solutions in a range of organizations.  Students will be able to choose a major/minor or double major in the two areas of  Data Analytics or Technology Entrepreneurship. Graduates will be equipped to design, create and manage effective computer business solutions to drive innovation in Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond.

Noting that the demand for data scientists is expected to soar by more than 15% in  2020, Mrs McNamarah told the gathering of primarily prospective students and educators, that graduates will be able to find/create lucrative jobs as Information System Auditors, Data Analytics Practitioners, Digital Marketing Practitioners, Technology Entrepreneur, Business Intelligence Analysts and other related areas.

Mr Richard Barrett, Programme Director for the BSc. Computer Network and Security in his overview, emphasized the critical importance of data security.  This was underscored by a shared BBC News story video clip showing the devastating financial and organisational impact of Ransom ware cyber-attacks targeting large international corporations.

The BSc. Computer Network and Security will offer students two available majors in Cyber Security with emphasis on such areas as Critical Infrastructure, Data Protection and the Law and Cyber-Forensics and Auditing. The major in Virtualization Computing will focus on areas such as Hypervisor Management, Software Definition Networks and Modelling Cloud Business Solutions.

Short Courses

SCIT will also offer certificate/short courses drawn from modules in the two new ICT programmes, specially designed for ICT practitioners or persons who are already holders of degrees and are seeking to retool and update their skill sets in a shorter time-frame.

Graduate Programmes

Mrs. Lisa Facey-Shaw, Programme Director for SCIT’s graduate degrees took the opportunity to remind prospective students to also plan for future studies even as they contemplate commencing undergraduate studies in ICT.  SCIT currently offers the Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MSc. ISM), the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Communication Technology (PGD-ICT), the PhD/MPhil in Computer Science and the PhD/MPhil in Information Systems.  Mrs. Facey-Shaw outlined details of these programme offerings in her presentation.

The application period for both new degree programmes is now open and will close on July 31, 2019.  For further information, contact Ms Sharon Leslie at


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