Olympian Elaine Thompson Awarded Chancellor’s Medal

60th Anniversary Awards Presented to Outstanding Alumni

Olympian Elaine Thompson accepts her citation for the University of Technology, Jamaica Chancellor's Medal Award being presented by Mr. Michael McAnuff-Jones, Deputy Chairman of Council, University of Technology, Jamaica.  The citation was presented at a special ceremony for the presentation of the 2019 Chancellor's Medal Award and 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Awards held on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at the University's Papine Campus. 

Olympian and UTech, Jamaica/MVP athlete, Elaine Thompson was presented with the University of Technology, Jamaica Chancellor’s Medal Award on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at a special ceremony hosted by the University at the Papine Campus for the presentation of the 2019 Chancellor’s Medal Award and the presentation of Outstanding Alumni Awards.

In his welcome, University President, Professor Stephen Vasciannie explained that the Chancellor’s Medal is the University’s most prestigious non-academic award of equal status to an Honorary Doctorate which is awarded by the Chancellor to recognize the contribution of an individual or institution whose contribution is of national or international significance. 

The citation by University Orator, Mrs Pamela Kelly on the Olympian, lauded her for her “outstanding manner in which she has used her chances in the service of Jamaica, her community, her club and this University.”  The citation acknowledged that the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 marked Elaine Thompson’s ascendency in track and field, where she won a gold medal in the 100 metres and another in the 200 metres.  Today she is ranked as the fifth fastest woman in the 200m and the fourth fastest in the 100 metres.

In a humbled response, the shining star said she was honoured to be recognized by the University of Technology, Jamaica with the Chancellor’s Medal and thanked everyone for the continued support.  Miss Thompson noted, “I am looking forward to a great season, “quipping that “I still can’t believe that I am a double medal Olympic champion, but I am still looking forward to the 2020 Olympics which is just around the corner.”  She added that “I will continue to work hard and to be as humble as I can be.”

 Special Recognition Awards

Special Recognition Awards were presented to the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association and the Jamaica Tourist Board. 

Mrs. Mercedes Deane, University Registrar

University Registrar, Mrs. Mercedes Deane explained that the Special Recognition Award is given by the University to individuals, organisations or entities which demonstrate excellence reflected in specific achievement in areas from which the University has benefitted. “The recipients would have distinguished itself/ themselves by obtaining a high level of accomplishment and possess high standards of integrity and character which positively reflect or impact the reputation of Jamaica and by extension the University of Technology, Jamaica," she stated, adding that "the Jamaica Tourist Board and the JHTA have been identified as critical components of the Tourism Sector which have positively impacted Jamaica’s reputation on the world stage. It is on this basis that the University recognises these two distinguished institutions.” 

The citations by the University Orator on both entities elaborated on their extensive achievement in building brand Jamaica on the world stage.

Mrs. Camille Needham (right), Director, Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) listens as University Public Orator, Mrs. Pamela Kelly reads the citation for the Special Recognition Award presented to the JHTA.

Executive Director of the JHTA, Mrs Camille Needham in her response said that the JHTA has had “a long and fruitful relationship with UTech” particularly with the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM) where she has served on advisory committees.  Mrs. Needham thanked UTech, Jamaica for the honour and noted that students of the SHTM have been a credit to the JHTA in its activities.  “We will treasure and find a special place at the JHTA to place this recognition” she noted.

 Outstanding Alumni Awards

During the special University of Technology, Jamaica 60th Anniversary awards ceremony, nineteen (19) alumni of the institution received the Outstanding Alumni Award in the three categories of Service to the University, Service to the Country, and Service to the University and Country.

 Mr. Hector Wheeler, Associate Vice President, Advancement providing an overview of the Outstanding Alumni Awards

Mr Hector Wheeler, Associate Vice President, Advancement provided an overview of the Outstanding Alumni Award.  He explained that UTech, Jamaica issued a call for nominations for the award in celebration of the University’s 60th Anniversary.  “The submissions were reviewed by a special Outstanding Alumni Awards Committee which carefully and rigorously examined the recommendations,” he reported.

To be eligible in the three award categories nominees must be a past student of the University; may be living or deceased; must not nominate or serve as supporter for him/herself and must not be a member of the Awards selection committee. In addition, the criteria for selection also required nominees to be “deemed to be a person of integrity” with a “profile which can be emulated by other members of the Alumni Community, and current student body of the University.”

University President, Professor Stephen Vasciannie congratulated all the evening’s awardees for their “significant contribution to this University and to the wider Jamaica and beyond.”

Responding on behalf of fellow alumni awardees, Mr Oral McCook, Managing Director, OGM Integrated Communications Limited expressed gratitude for the “great honour that has been extended to the awardees.” He added that, “we benefited from the core belief of the institution that education is not an abstract concept but is about educating and equipping persons to realise their full potential and to achieve their personal ambition, whilst contributing to national development."


The ceremony was chaired by Professor Colin Gyles (at podium), Deputy President.  A section of the large audience applauds.

Service to University

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, President, UTech, Jamaica presents the Outstanding Alumni Award  for Service to the University.

Service to Country

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, President, UTech, Jamaica presents the Outstanding Alumni Award for Service to Country.

Service to University and Country

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, President, UTech, Jamaica presents the Outstanding Alumni Award  for Service to the University and to Country.


60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Awardees





Ms. Karlene Black, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Computing:

-           Over 20 years to UTech, Jamaica

-           Former Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing

-           Served on numerous University committees

-           Promotes good values and attitude and upholds the standards of the University

-           Great mentor to staff and students

Dr. Eugenie Brown-Myrie, Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences:

-           Long Service Award – 35 years in 2017 from UTech, Jamaica

-           National Badge of Honour for meritorious service in academia primarily in the field of Pharmacy and the Public Service - 2013

-           Caribbean Lifetime Achievement Award, Caribbean Association of Pharmacists - 2011


Professor Vernon. E. Buchanan, Professor of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, UTech, Jamaica:

-           Served as Dean,  and on numerous academic and administrative committees

-           Distinguished Service Award – UTech, Jamaica, 2013

-           Prime Minister’s medal of Appreciation for service to Jamaica in Education - 2018


Mr. Junior Gonzales, Attorney-At-Law, former Lecturer, Faculty of Law:

-           Member of the Jamaica Bar Association

-           Significant contribution to the Faculty of Law, UTech Jamaica

-           Students regard him highly for his preparedness for and the quality of his lectures


Mr. Aliou Graham, Operations Assistant, Jamaica Pegagus Hotel:

-           A true philanthropist – he has donated well needed medical supplies and equipment to members of the University community

-           A participant in the Obama Young Leaders of the Americas initiative

-           A Governor General Youth Leader delegate

-           A Governor General I Believe Ambassador


Dr. Haldane Johnson, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning, UTech, Jamaica:

-           Over 30 years of service to UTech, Jamaica

-           Over 34 years of service in technical education and administration 


Mr. Oral McCook, Managing Director, OGM Integrated Communications Limited:

-           Given exceptional support to the University; supporting the University’s image building campaigns and giving his time, energy and resources to facilitate successful activities in the School of Business Administration especially in the Students’ Seminar module.

-           An excellent ambassador for the University. 


Mrs. Pauline Taylor-Madourie, Scholarship Officer, UTech, Jamaica:

-           Over 20 years of service to UTech, Jamaica

-           President’s Award for Customer Service

-           Vin Spencer award for dedicated service to students 




Mr. Mark Barnett, President, National Water Commission (NWC):    

-           An accomplished engineer

-           President, National Water Commission – 21 years with NWC. 

-           A leader who is aware of  NWC’s critical role in national development and uses his expertise to positively impact the company’s operations. 

-           Currently chairman of the Cabinet appointed Enterprise team in pursuit of Public Private Partnership for water projects.


 Mr. Trevor Riley, Group CEO, Shipping Association of Jamaica:

-           His contribution to the economic, social and political life of Jamaica is evidenced in his various leadership and voluntary activities over the years

-           Currently group CEO for the Shipping Association of Jamaica

-           Former Managing Director, Jamaica Observer and Deputy Director, Jamaica Tourist Board  


Mrs. Mandilee Newton (Trinidad and Tobago):

-           Founding member of TnT Green Building Council

-           Served at T&T Institute of Architects as assessor/examiner for admission of registered architects to the Board of Architects

-           Awarded the VMBS Student of the Year Award for Best Overall Academic performance at the Master’s degree level – UTech, Jamaica

-           She is widely published 




Mrs. Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd, Managing Director, Mark Your Mark Consultants:

-           Former member of  UTech, Jamaica Council and served on several senior University committees

-           She has a steadfast dedication to Jamaica’s advancement and its labour force. She has established several successful projects to support the development of Jamaicans as an invaluable resource.

-           She shares her expertise by serving on several major boards


Mr.  Wayneworth Hamilton, Built Environment Consultant:

-           A philanthropist

-           Capacity builder for the next generation of professionals

-           Always displays good leadership qualities

-           A great mentor


Mr. Michael Lorde (Posthumous Award), Architect:

-           Former lecturer at UTech, Jamaica

-           Project Architect for the roundabout/pick up area on campus and the Technology Innovation Centre, UTech, Jamaica Master Plan

-           Recipient of the Silver Musgrave Medal for Outstanding Merit in the field of Architecture and Theatre Arts - 2007 


Mr. Michael McAnuff-Jones, Deputy Chairman of Council, UTech, Jamaica:

-           Served as Group Head of Banking Operations, Scotiabank; Senior VP in charge of HR for the Scotia Group, Jamaica, Belize and Haiti and Regional Head of HR for 18 countries of Scotiabank’s English Caribbean Operations.  Scotiabank is a major employer of UTech,  Jamaica graduates.

-           Served as President and Immediate Past President, Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica and the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services. He was also on the Merger Oversight Committee for the Child Development Agency, Office of Children’s Registry and National Parenting Support Commission. 


Ms. Valrie McKenzie, Lecturer, College of  Oral Health Sciences:

-           “Never too tired to be kind” is Valerie’s mantra

-           She collaborates with various organizations to bring about social changes in communities

-           Led several teams to provide dental treatment and other medical relief outreach to several communities: Rocky Point and Morant heights in Clarendon, Waterford in Portmore, St Catherine, Belfield, St Mary, Trelawny Infirmary and others. 


Dr. Ernestine Watson, Pharmacist:

-           Recognized in 2012 for her outstanding financial contribution to the Alumni

-           2012 – also acknowledged for outstanding contribution to the development of the Doctor of Pharmacy programme

-           2015 – Recognized for her contribution to the Pharmacy Externship/Clerkship Programme


Dr. Wayne Wesley, Director of Operations, CXC:

-           Former President, University of Technology, Jamaica Academic Staff Union

-           Former Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, UTech, Jamaica

-           Served as Executive Director of HEART Trust/National Training Agency


Ms. Kerisha Witter, Graduate, Faculty of The Built Environment:

-           Recent graduate of the Caribbean School of Architecture, UTech, Jamaica

-           Recognized by her peers through the Students’ Union for her contribution to community service and her contribution to student development.


Superb entertainment was provided by the UTech, Jamaica Choir and the Instrumental Band.

The UTech, Jamaica Steel Pan entertains at the reception following the ceremony. 


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Corporate Communications Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica
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