Extension of Undergraduate Enrolment and Registration for Semester 2, AY2020/21

Being mindful of the challenges some students have been experiencing this semester with registration, the University is extending the enrolment and registration period for Semester II, AY 2020/21 to Friday, February 19, 2021

The University Administration has agreed to accommodate students whose loan applications are pending approval from the Students’ Loan Bureau.  These students may be allowed to register for Semester II after signing a contract with a payment schedule.  All students (including SLB applicants) are required to pay the Enrolment Commitment Deposit of $28,700 (ECD) and take full responsibility for his/her tuition fees.  The tuition fees must be paid to the University by the end of the semester – April 30, 2021. 

Late registrants are being cautioned that:
• entry to classes will be dependent on space availability
• the University will not provide additional resources to facilitate the completion of studies.

Students seeking late registration are kindly being asked to:

  1. Download the contract from the Students' Portal. 
  2. Print and fill out the contract fully.  (NB incomplete contracts will not be processed).
  3. Scan completed contracts and email to: studentcontract@utech.edu.jm

Students are reminded of the registration process as follows:
• Financial clearance is given after the Enrolment Commitment Deposit (ECD) of $28,700 is paid and modules are selected and confirmed.
o For information on how to select modules; please visit Undergraduate Enrolment Process on the University’s website.
• Access is granted to classes once the ECD is paid and modules are selected and confirmed.
• After a student receives financial clearance, the enrolment task (10-Step Enrolment process) will be sent to your in-tray.
• To complete online registration:
o Click the e-mail message that reads “Click Here to Enrol” in your in-tray, inside the Student Portal.
o Read the information clearly and follow the instructions to complete the 10-Step enrolment process.
o It is important to understand and acknowledge the financial obligations to the University as well as agreeing to the policies and procedures included.
• If you are not seeing your in-tray, go to the home page of the Student Portal. Click the ‘Content’ icon at the top right-hand corner of the page; then click ‘Open’ for all the dialogue boxes and submit.
• Upon completion of the 10-step enrolment process, a status of Currently Registered Online (CRO) will be designated.

For guidance regarding fee payment, please refer to the Fee Payment Schedule, previously posted on the Students’ Portal.  

N.B. Add/Drop Period has not been extended.

Office of the President
16 February, 2021