Architect Dr. Patricia Green Marks 40 Years in the Profession with Scholarship to CSA Student

Architect Dr. Patricia Green (left), Senior Lecturer, Faculty of The Built Environment presents a symbolic cheque for $400,000.00 to Caribbean School of Architecture final year student Shimieka Brown during  a special scholarship presentation ceremony on October 30, 2020 at the UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus.

A grateful Shimieka Brown was the beneficiary of the Dr. Patricia E, Green 40th Anniversary Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) scholarship which was presented by Dr. Green to the final year CSA student at a ceremony on October 30, 2020 on the grounds of the Faculty of The Built Environment, UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus.

Valued at $400,000.00, the scholarship was established to mark the 40th anniversary of Dr. Green’s achievement of her professional degree in architecture, which she obtained in 1979 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, United Kingdom. 

Noting that the 40th anniversary of this achievement was a significant milestone, Dr. Garfield Young, Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment, who chaired the presentation ceremony, indicated that he was heartened by Dr. Green’s impetus to make the donation, and hoped that others would follow the example that she has set.

Dr. Green explained that she was led to make the donation, having received a scholarship to complete her own studies, and being aware of the hardship faced by many students. She noted that she made the donation specifically to a female student to provide encouragement in what many consider to be a male dominated field. “Nowadays it’s not that bad because people are hired based on talent,” she explained, adding that she hoped that this would provide an opportunity for continued generosity. “I am blessed and therefore I bless,” Dr. Green affirmed, adding that,  “I’m hoping that whomever I bless will also bless others and that the cycle of blessing and returning and giving back will continue.”

In thanking Dr. Green for her generosity, Shimieka expressed her elation at being chosen for the scholarship, indicating that she was self-financed and facing increased difficulty in finding employment due to the pandemic. “This scholarship means so much to me and my mother and my family,” she said, adding “once I finish, which I will, I will be the first of my family to graduate college.” An emotional Shimieka related that the pandemic has discouraged her, but Dr. Green’s generosity has provided a light at the end of the tunnel. The Portland native explained that she fell in love with architecture at ten years old, and made a commitment to study the discipline through whatever means she could, even while knowing the financial cost it carried. She also hopes that other architects and professionals will follow Dr. Green’s example and assist students with financial aid and professional development.

Shimieka also received words of encouragement from friends and colleagues of Dr. Green, including Dr. Haldane Johnson, Mr. Delvert Wallace, Ms. Jeanette Calder, Mrs. Marilyn Clarke and Mr. Orlando Valentine, who urged her to continue her studies, noting that the skills and discipline learned in architecture were transferable to many other occupations and walks of life. 

University of Technology, Jamaica colleagues of Dr. Green (left) with scholarship recipient Shimeika Brown and her mother Marlene Brown Valentine: (from left to right) Architect Andre Baugh, Programme Director, Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, Dr. Garfield Young, Dean, Faculty of The Built Environment, Dr. Haldane Johnson, Acting Deputy President and Architect Jacquiann Lawton, Head, Caribbean School of Architecture.

Friends, former colleagues and students of Dr. Green (3rd left) with scholarship recipient Shimeika Brown and her mother Marlene Brown Valentine: (from left to right) Mrs. Mercedes Dean, University Registrar, Mr. Orlando Valentine, Mrs. Marilyn Clarke, Ms. Jeanette Calder, and Mr. Delvert Wallace. 



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