Acting President’s Advisory on Revised Fee Payment Plan for Semester 1, Academic Year 2020/2021

The Management of the University of Technology, Jamaica wishes to advise all students, staff and other stakeholders of the revised fee-payment arrangements for Semester 1, Academic Year, 2020/2021.  These arrangements have been arrived at after consideration of recommendations from student leaders and academic and administrative managers.  The University values input from its stakeholders and seeks to minimize the challenges faced by our students from the COVID-19 pandemic while we seek to ensure continued financial viability of the University’s operations. 

The following arrangements will apply:

  • Students will be allowed to enter their classes after paying the Enrolment Commitment Fee (ECF) and confirming their module selections.
  • While students are encouraged to pay fees in full, they will be granted financial clearance and be allowed to complete their registration after paying 30% of their total fees for Semester 1 by September 30, 2020.  Failure to meet this criterion will result in students being charged a late registration fee of $15, 000.00 and they will also be blocked from continuing in classes until payment of the required 30% is received.
  • Students are required to make another payment of 30% of total fees by October 30, 2020.  Failure to meet this criterion will result in student being charged a facility fee of $12,000.00.
  • The final 40% of fees must be paid by November 30, 2020.  Failure to meet this criterion will result in grades being held and accounts blocked to prevent registration in subsequent semesters until outstanding fees are cleared.  We will continue to apply the incomplete registration fee at the end of each semester.
  • No charges will be applied for outstanding fees below a minimum balance $2,000.00 for local students and US$15.00 for international students.

We anticipate that students will be better facilitated by being allowed to access their classes on the basis of paying the ECF only and by the reduction in the required threshold payment for financial clearance from the previous 55% to the 30% that is now required.  The minimum balance should also help to minimize incidents of persons being charged due to small shortfalls in payments.  The timelines have been extended to provide greater flexibility to students in completing their payments.  We have nevertheless increased the late registration fee and the facility fee as a deterrent to those who might be inclined to delay their payments.  Persons who have genuine difficulties in meeting the timelines are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financing to explore other options.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Colin Gyles, PhD
President (Acting)