UTech, Jamaica Awarded Institutional Accreditation

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, CD
President, University of Technology, Jamaica

At its meeting on December 19, 2018, the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) approved the application of the University of Technology, Jamaica for institutional accreditation.  This means that the University is now institutionally accredited for the period of seven years.  The details concerning institutional accreditation have not yet been transmitted to the University, but the UCJ has promised to provide these details in short order.

Speaking to a gathering of Faculty, Staff and other stakeholders at a meeting this morning at the University’s Papine Campus, University President Stephen Vasciannie took the opportunity to thank all stakeholders for their strong efforts to bring about institutional accreditation.  “Institutional accreditation provides a mark of quality.  We are happy to receive the approval of the UCJ.  It’s a lovely Christmas gift indeed”, Professor Vasciannie noted.

Among other things, institutional accreditation means that the University of Technology, Jamaica will not need to apply to the UCJ for the approval of any new programmes at the University; nor will the University have to apply for re-accreditation for individual programmes for the period of seven years.


Michelle Beckford (Mrs.)
Corporate Communications Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica
Telephone: 970-5299
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