Icon Of Togetherness

Icon of Togetherness represents the College of Business and Management.

Artist: Christopher Gonzalez (Jamaican)

The basic concept of the sculpture is utilizing the specialization areas within the college. The piece is comprised of cactus-like forms moving upward and coming together at the top, with bulb-like forms at the upper ends of the cactus. These are symbolic of the areas of specialization and also provide accent and drama to the work.

At the apex of the piece is a seed-like form which represents the seed of knowledge given to the student by the University. At the other end directly below is a larger seed-like form – this is symbolic of the developed student, wholesome and educated in the field of Business Management.

The sculpture is large enough to accommodate one or two persons to sit on the larger seed on the flooring of the sculpture and have physical interaction with the work. The forms of sculpture should create interesting acoustic reverberation as one sits on the large seed and plays an instrument like a drum or a flute or even sing.