Earth to Earth

Earth to Earth represents the College of Health and Applied Sciences.

Artist: Laura Facey (Jamaican)

“Health is freedom” - the freedom to develop our full potential. Good health comes when we make a mind-body connection. When we choose positive thoughts, nourishing food and a balanced lifestyle, the body thrives with abundance. Feed it sad, anxious thoughts, it withers and dies. The body is an extraordinary pharmacy with an infinite ability to heal itself if only we allow.

Having completed the design of Earth to Earth, Facey contemplated its meaning. Earth to Earth can be seen as a Yoga position. Yoga is a way of living that brings excellent health through gentle exercise and meditation.

This pose also appears on walls of the Red Chapel of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt circa 1500BC and has been said to portray an ecstatic dancer. This is exactly what happens when one is in perfect health. There is dancing in the soul, ecstasy in the heart, and joy in the celebration of life.”