Donald Farquharson Hall

Donald Farquharson Hall :- Home of the Stalwarts 

The Donald Farquharson Hall was opened in August 1965, named in honour of the first chairman of the College Council, The Honourable Donald Farquharson. A triple occupancy facility, it was originally constructed to house eighty-eight students. Due to the increase in demand for housing,  the capacity was increased to house 149 male students, and now accommodates 145 students. 

The Hall consists of three floors, with each floor having its own bathrooms and a galley-type kitchen. A  dining and television room on the 'B' and ‘C’ floors, a computer room (with internet connectivity) on the 'A' floor and a study room on the ‘B’ floor complete the hall's other special amenities. There is also a room retrofitted for the physically challenged.