Dennis Johnson Hall of Residence – "The Spartans"

The Dennis Johnson Hall of Residence is a sports dormitory named in honour of Dr. Dennis Johnson, the first Director of Sports and coach of the UTech, Ja. Track & Field programme. The DJHR was originally referred to as "Track House" located where the nursing building is now situated with very limited space and amenities. The house had two (2) bedrooms which accommodated four (4) athletes each, one kitchen and one bathroom. When the house became unfit to live in, the students were relocated to the house adjacent to the backfield of the campus. This move was much appreciated by athletes.

However, the demand and need for more space to house athletes became paramount and as a result the house was renovated in 2014. It now houses two floors to accommodate 35 student athletes. The structure retains the design of a house, with 12 bedrooms, three (3) communal type bathrooms, a kitchen on each floor, one dining area, lounge area, 2 computer labs one on each floor, a washroom, and a balcony that the athletes use to relax and get their massage.

DJHR, Home of the "Spartans"