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Login in help:


Out going links from the login page:
  • Help
  • Support
  • About us
  • Contact us
Functions of the login section:
  • Entering login information
  • Submitting login information
  • Closing page/exiting the system
  • Username and password doesnít match existing account
  • Caps lock enabled warning


Help Link:
Clicking on the help link will bring you to the help page. Here you will find helpful information about the various processes to be found the page. Use the table of contents at the top of the page to help you find information on the specific feature you are having trouble with or need information on.

Support link:
This link will navigate you to the support contact page. Once on that page you will be supplied with the emergency contact information for your system administrators and system support staff.

About us link:
This link will take you to a general information page about the system, its owners and its specific purposes.

Contact us link:
This link will take you to the page containing the contact information for the owners of the system.

How to

Enter login information:
You will have to enter a valid username and password in order to be given access to the system. To do this you must place the mouse over the username text box and click the left mouse button once, a flashing black line will appear in the text box indicating that you can now type directly into the area. After you have typed the correct username position the mouse over the password text box and click the left mouse button once. When you have done this the flashing black line will appear in this box, when it does, enter the correct password.
The password field is protected so others canít see what you are typing, that mean when you enter information you will notice that little dots appear instead of the letters you are entering.

Submit login information
Once you have entered the correct login information you will have to submit it to the system for checking before you can be allowed access to the system. You can do this by positioning the mouse pointer over the submit button and clicking the left button once. The information will be sent to the system to verify its accuracy.

Exit the system
If you decide the leave the system without logging in, you may just navigate away from the page by entering a new URL in the address bar, hitting the back button or simply closing the page.

Error messages:

Username and password doesnít match an existing account
This means that the system couldnít verify your login information as accurate. You need to check that you have carefully and accurately entered your login information and that your caps lock is not on. If you have entered your information correctly you need to check with your system administrator to see if your account has been added to the database and that it has been activated. If all else fails contact your technical support staff to be found on the support page.

Caps lock enabled
Because login information is case sensitive it means you have to be very careful when entering the information. If the caps lock is on there is a chance that you could be entering the correct information but in ALL CAPS, the system will read this as incorrect if the account on the server has the information in lower case.

for further assistance click on the contact us button in the main navigational bar and contact one of the system administrators