About Us

Our Mission: To develop and maintain the highest quality sport program

Welcome to the Department of Sport of the University of Technology, Jamaica, "Home of World Class Althletes".

The Department of Sport provides a wide array of sporting programmes for students and staff. As an integral part of our students' educational experience, they may compete in intramural and intercollegiate competitions as well as national and international competitions.

Our Intercollegiate programmes include track and field (our flagship sport), football, netball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, badminton and Rugby League

Central to the sport facilities is an auditorium boasting 600 sq. ft of sprung timber stage floor and seating capacity for 1,100 persons, inclusive of a balcony with 227 permanently tiered seating. In close proximity are a half Olympic size swimming pool, squash court, football field, a cricket pavilion and a tennis court.