Students who have received approval for exemption on modules from the University’s Academic Board will be required to pay the associated cost assigned to the module, and will not be entitled to a reduction in fees and or a refund.

Transfer of Credits

A Transfer of Credit is one earned for a module successfully pursued at an approve tertiary institution and deemed equivalent to one in a UTech undergraduate course of study. No fees are applicable where a transfer of credit has been approved for a module.

Re-Do Registration

Non-semesterized (Years 5) students who have failed modules during the course of the academic year and wish to redo these modules (given that they are being offered during the semester) will be required to follow the steps below:

  1. Complete “Redo” form in triplicate and obtain the signature of the Dean of College/ Faculty/Head of School/ Programme Director to register for the module(s)
  2. Proceed to the Admissions Office to enter modules on diet and create invoice
  3. Proceed to the Cashiering Unit to pay the amount indicated on the invoice (Part payment is not allowed)
  4. The cost associated with redo is charged on a per credit per module basis. Students who have submitted forms for processing to the Admissions Office ; but fail to pay fees as stipulated, are liable for all redo fees as stated on their account
  5. Students who are absent from an examination after submitting the re-do to Admissions, will be liable for the fees; and will be awarded a failing grade for the module.
  6. Semesterized (Years 1–4) students will be required to register online for failed modules at the next available sitting and pay the required cost  for the modules.