Distance Learning Partnerships And Alliances

Since 1992, UTech has collaborated with various organizations and development agencies to build its human resource, technical and physical capacity.  Significant initiatives have included:

  • Partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning for over twenty-five  years   (1992-2017) through various forms of inter-institutional strengthening arrangements and collaboration including academic programme development, instructor-training and development, conduct of research projects, financial and technical sponsorship of workshops, conferences, endorsement of working relationships and interactions with various regional government ministries and international agencies throughout the Caribbean. Of significance are the intra-regional academic franchise arrangements for delivery of special TVET diploma offerings which have resulted over the years in increased faculty expertise, and increased student enrolment and revenues to UTech.
  • Institutional strengthening through the Caribbean Universities Project for Distance Education (CUPIDE) involving University of the West Indies, University of Quizqueya (Haiti), Anton de Kom University (Suriname) and University of Guyana. CUPIDE was sponsored by Japanese Funds-in-Trust and managed by UNESCO.


  • Online course development with the Ryerson University through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and the UTech School of Hospitality and Tourism. Four short courses developed were Customer Relation Management, Bar and Beverage Supervision, Dining Room Supervision, Food Sanitation and Hygiene. 


  • Online development of the Introduction to Human Resource Management module. sponsored by the Caribbean Knowledge Learning Network (CKLN).


  • Consultancy projects with the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to develop and deliver the Special Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and the Special Certificate in Adult Continuing Education delivered by the UTech-Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies.


  • Partnership with other tertiary education institutions in the emerging Jamaica Research Education Network (JREN) initiative, as part of the regional broadband network - C@RIBNET, facilitated by CKLN and connected to global research and education communities. UTech-JREN has facilitated videoconferences on Campus Security, Cyber Security, and the National Logistics Hub.