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The Science (1970's) and Engineering (1982) departments of the University were among the first areas to benefit from cooperation with industry in providing relevant on-the job experiences for its students.

Over forty years later the University has moved to embrace the concept of Co-operative Education in over thirty of its courses of study*. This move has been influenced by evidence which suggests that employers see this work readiness programme as invaluable to the UTech, Ja. brand. UTech, Ja.'s Co-op Ed programme is supported by an institutional framework.

*This number does not include courses of study having a work integrated learning component that is a requirement of a professional body and is used for certification purposes.

Role/ Function

The Co-operative Education Unit, has responsibility for overseeing the operations of the Co-operative Education Schemes in the different Schools, and collaborating with them to identify and create mutually beneficial placement opportunities for students within public and private sector agencies, both locally and internationally. The Co-operative Education Unit also serves as a quality assurance agent, with responsibility for evaluating the effectiveness of the various Co-operative Education schemes and devising strategies to keep these at the cutting edge.


The Co-operative Education Unit is administered through the Office of Teaching and Learning (formerly the Office of Curriculum Development and Evaluation), Academic Affairs Division. This is located at 237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica.

Contacting Us

The Co-operative Education Unit

Mrs. La-Cresha Gordon-Brydson
University's Co-operative Education Co-ordinator
Telephone: (876) 927-1680-8 Ext 3546; (876) 832-2381
Email: lgordon-brydson@utech.edu.jm
Fax: (876) 970-3149

Ms. Sandra Junor
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (876) 927-1680-8 Ext 2820
Email: ced@utech.edu.jm
Fax: (876) 970-3149