Research Activities

The Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies is committed to promoting innovative and collaborative research aimed at enhancing knowledge and integrated scholarly activities. Our efforts over the years have resulted in the faculty being recognized as the leading unit within the UTech community for research productivity.

Our research mission is to produce knowledge and foster an environment that advances nationally and internationally relevant research. Consequently, the FELS staff is engaged in a number of research initiatives directed at adding to the empirical knowledge within the academic community, informing policy debates, and practical initiatives regarding Education, Languages, Social Sciences and Communication Arts and Technology.

FELS General Research Activities
Publish not Perish Workshop
SHSS Colloquium
Research Ethics Workshops

Research, Technology and Innovation Day Engagements
Research Exhibits and Posters
2018 Speakers' Forum

FELS Biennial, International Conference
The FELS biennial international conference is one of the outlets through which we foster research productivity and engage staff and external stakeholders in debating nationally-relevant problem. 


Faculty Research Projects
English Language Proficiency Test Research
Virtual Self-Access Learning Centre