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Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism Description: Focusing on the Caribbean and its natural tropical paradise of beaches, sun, flora, fauna, and rich cultural heritage, this book provides relevant and current information about the business and management of tourism in the region. Trends that are facilitating the growth and development of the tourism industry and critical challenges that threaten its sustainability as well as strategies for a re-imagined future for Caribbean tourism are discussed based on original scholarship. This book is a valuable text for tertiary level students pursuing studies in general business and management, hospitality and tourism management, international business, and international relations. The Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism: Opportunities, Challenges and a Re-Imagined Future is also beneficial to other tourism stakeholders including residents, business operators, practitioners, destination managers, policy makers in government, and tourism organizations.


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About the Editor: 
Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh, obtained her doctorate from Washington State University, USA, in Business Administration (specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Management). She is currently the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the College of Business and Management at the University of Technology, Jamaica, where she previously served as Head of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. A prolific scholar, she has published many peer-reviewed articles on tourism and hospality in local and international journals and has made presentations at numerous conferences.

Contributors: Kai Barratt, Melville Cooke, Shenika McFarlane-Morris, Brent McKenzie, Michelle McLeod, George Odhiambo, Andrew Paul Smith, Beienetch Watson.

Innovation PolicyDescription: Focusing on developing states, this book captures and deliberates on best models to build their capacity and capability to become innovative. It emphasizes the organic links among economic growth, innovation, and wealth creation through entrepreneurship. In addition, it identifies and discusses some of the key factors that are required for the development of national systems to support an innovation-centric culture that is essential for the sustained socioeconomic transformation of developing states.

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Dr. Andrea Barrett

About the Author: Andrea Barrett, Doctor of Management (DM), is an innovation technology, international development specialist, and a project management professional with more than 35 years’ regional and international experience. She lectures innovation technology management, entrepreneurship, and project management at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Her research interests include science, technology and innovation (STI), strategic policy development for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, project management, public policies relating to technological development, and e-governance for developing states.


The First 21 Years of the 21st Century

Description: This book examines from a Jamaican perspective significant local


and global events occurring between the year 2000 and early 2021. It explores the new millennium and early digital life starting with the deregulation of the world telecommunications industry, the resultant competition in the Jamaican telecom market, and the phenomenal rise, use, and influence of social media. The emergence of China as a player on the world stage and its impact on Jamaica are also highlighted; also given spotlight are the historic election of Barack Obama as President of the USA and the rise of the far right led by Donald Trump; attention is also drawn to advent of a more inclusive world and same sex marriages, despite homophobia; the author also looks at the issue of corruption, the controversial extradition of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, and Jamaica’s undisputed status as the World #1 Sprint Nation. Rounding out the topics covered are the COVID-19 pandemic and its massive impact on socio-economic life, elections in Jamaica and United States elections in 2020 and their aftermath, racism, and, finally, a gaze into the next 21 years.

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Paul Golding

About the Author: Paul Golding, DBA, is a Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Technology, Jamaica and an adjunct lecturer at University of the West Indies, Mona. A prolific researcher and writer, he has more than 50 journal articles and conference papers; he has made presentations in Europe, USA, Africa, and Asia, and is also a regular contributor to Jamaica’s two daily newspapers. Paul is married to Andrea and has a son, Daniel.


My Trench Town Journey

Description: This book advocates the social enterprise-based community development approach and is based-on the real-life experiences of the author that are complemented by relevant scholarly information from the literature. The lessons in social entrepreneurship and community transformation that are shared inside are instructive and portable to the awakening and realizing of the economic and social wealth promise of marginalized and distressed inner-city communities across Jamaica and similarly situated communities worldwide.

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About the Author: 

Dr. Henley Morgan

Dr. Henley Morgan is an renowned philanthropist, social entrepreneur, management consultant, Founder and Chairman of Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR) based in Trench Town, Jamaica. He has also worked extensively in developing productivity enhancement programs revolving around building human resource competencies for clients such as the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Jamaica Flour Mills Ltd, and Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

Description: Co-authored by two experienced pharmacists and educators, this publication chronicles the development and evolution of pharmacy education in Jamaica from apprenticeship to graduate programmes in Jamaica. It preserves for posterity and for current students and practitioners important information about the profession, as well as about the sterling contributions of individuals and organizations. This valuable publication is as much a keepsake as it is a reference and is a must-read for practicing and aspiring pharmacists. It is expected that this publication will serve to motivate and instill pride in the members of the pharmacy profession.

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Eugenie Brown-Myrie is a Clinical Pharmacist and Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica), where she has worked for 40 years. She obtained her undergraduate training in Pharmacy at the UTech, Jamaica and later obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Texas, Austin and the Health Science Center, San Antonio. Dr. Brown-Myrie has also earned a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Jamaica and a Master of Arts in Religion from the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, USA. She is currently the Chairman of the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica, the Regulatory body for the Pharmacy profession in Jamaica.


Yvonne Reid

Yvonne Johnson-Reid is currently a Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica). She received her professional qualification in Pharmacy at UTech, Jamaica, followed by certification in Supplies Management at the Management Institute for National Development (MIND). She also pursued the Master of Public Health at the University of the West Indies and the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and Training at the Vocational Training and Development Institute (VTDI). In addition, she has worked in various areas of pharmacy practice in Jamaica’s public and private sectors, and was also the Project Manager for the Caribbean Poison Information Network (CARPIN) located at UTech, Jamaica.

Preserving the Mental Health of CaregiversDescription: Mental health is an important aspect of the health and well-being of individuals. This book focuses on range of issues related to mental health, including mental illness as a public health concern, stigma, discrimination, suicide, the effects of mental illnesses on the family, stress levels and mental health of caregivers arising from their day-to-day responsibilities and challenges as carers, and perinatal mental health; it also includes discussions on the side effects of medication for treating mental illnesses. This book fills a gap which has not received the attention it deserves by mental health professionals, and aims to assist family members who care for their loved ones with chronic and persistent mental illnesses at home. Also, this book is a useful text for students pursuing courses in mental health at the undergraduate and master’s degree levels.

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About the Editor: Andrea E. Pusey-Murray obtained her doctorate from the University of Technology, Jamaica where she currently teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of mental health, gerontology, and adult nursing in the College of Health Sciences. A registered nurse, she has published several peer-reviewed articles in local and international journals. She is a member of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) as well as the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing – Theta Theta Chapter. Her research interests include mental health, public health, and sexually transmitted infections.

Contributors: Renée Brooks, Kelly-Ann Brown, Andrea Daly, Therrain Davis, Kevin Goulbourne, Michelle Hodges, Monique Lynch, Lisa E. McDonald, Josseth Royal-Morrison, Ava Simpson, Deveree Stewart, Donovan A. Thomas, Jody-Kay Thompson, Tifania Vassell, Horace Williams, Andrea Woolcock.


The Best Caribbean Foods

Description: Authoritative, fascinating, and delightful aptly describe The Best Caribbean Foods to Combat Chronic Diseases. From their ancient origins to present-day uses, the book elegantly informs about the numerous health-promoting benefits and other varied aspects of Caribbean foods. Policy makers, researchers, teachers, students, shoppers, and the general public will all find facets of the content captivating.

About the Authors: Professor Fitzroy Henry served 17 Caribbean countries for 18 years as the Director of The Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) - a specialized Center of PAHO/World Health Organization. For 14 years he was the Editor-In-Chief for CFNI's journal CAJANUS and its newsletter NYAM NEWS. Since obtaining his doctorate in Nutritional Epidemiology from the University of London he worked as a researcher, lecturer, author and consultant on five continents. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles as first author on Food and Nutrition in Illness, Wellness, Sports, Management, Food Economics, Food Policy, Chronic Disease, Obesity and Public Health.

June HoldipJune Holdip is a Registered Dietitian who worked across the Caribbean and the United States of America. Since graduating from Howard University her professional experiences span 40 years in clinical, administrative and community dietetic and nutrition practice, and academia. She is skilled in counseling, education, planning and conducting workshops and developing educational materials for various audiences.

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Description: Education is the only path to change the fortunes of the less industrialized world. But change cannot come without learning and learning cannot come without change. COVID-19 has forced universities to drop the hefty textbooks and climb onto innovative digital platforms to educate students. The substance of higher education is diverse and the pendulum between sporadic education and lifelong learning is swinging. University leaders are struggling to find an apposite return on investment within the complex dynamic of knowledge creation. The revamping of services towards a more accountable, student-centric approach is vital to attract and retain talented students. Building staff skills to train students to develop social conscience and to enter a highly competitive job market is a formidable task. Meeting societal expectations through responsive and nimble programs without creating massive student debt requires new perspectives. This book analyses some of these compelling issues for universities to attain a sense of stability in a world that is itself rapidly changing.

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Prof. Henry

About the Author: Professor Fitzroy J. Henry obtained his doctorate from the University of London and has worked as a researcher, lecturer, author and consultant on five continents. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles as first author. Since joining the University of Technology, Jamaica in 2013, he has developed a unique post-graduate program to train a cadre of leaders to address the problems of obesity and chronic diseases. This program has attracted several scholarships for talented students from across the hemisphere. 

Contributors: Renelle Aarons, Kimberly Ashby-Mitchell, Greg-Louis Austin, Dorrset Gabbidon-Pottinger, Fitzroy J. Henry, Melissa Nelson, Gareth C. Phillips, Vanessa White-Barrow

Description: Professor Stephen Vasciannie has offered six insightful and provocative essays on Caribbean legal and policy issues.  The essays cover Jamaican practice on diplomatic immunity, Caribbean approaches within the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and issues concerning the Montego Bay Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Professor Vasciannie also presents his views on race and racism in Jamaica, considers the case for the abolition of the Monarchy in Jamaica, and reviews, from a Caribbean perspective, the impact of Sir Ian Brownlie, the late Oxford Professor and advocate, on the discipline of International Law.  This book is of special value to scholars and students of Law and the Social Sciences in the Caribbean and beyond. 

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About the Author: Stephen Vasciannie has served as the President of the University of Technology, Jamaica on secondment from the University of the West Indies (2017-2020). At the University of the West Indies, he has held the substantive position of Professor of International Law since 2002. Professor Vasciannie has also served as Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States of America and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, Principal of the Norman Manley Law School, Chairman of the Board of his alma mater, Kingston College, and as a Deputy Solicitor General of Jamaica. Professor Vasciannie received the Jamaican national honour of Order of Distinction (Commander Class) in 2017, for his contributions to the academy, law and international relations. He has published widely in the area of International Law.

Transformational Challenges Description: Henry J Lewis Jr. has presented a collection of essays rooted in sociological, organizational, and the psycho-socio-cultural theories of complex networks of behavioural interactions. He addresses several transformational challenges that Jamaica, and to a large extent the entire Caribbean region, must grapple with in the 21st Century. In a unique style of writing, he gives his opinions on the challenges in education - issues of funding, STEM or STEAM and the need for more online delivery. The behavioural scientist has also shared his insights into the much-debated National Identification Systems (NIDS) for Jamaica; the plastic ban and the well-being economy; crime and national security, among other topics of national importance. This easy to read collection of essays will prove valuable to students, academics, and members of the general public.

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About the Author: Henry J Lewis Jr. is a Guyanese by birth but lives and works in Kingston, Jamaica. He is head of the Social Science Division in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Technology, Jamaica, where he has been lecturing in Psychology for thirteen years. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Mona School of Business and Management, UWI where he has taught for ten years. Since 2017, Henry J Lewis Jr. has been making his contribution to the national discourse on issues of crime, well-being, and the economy, among other topics, through his opinion pieces in the Jamaica Observer newspaper.  He has also mentored and inspired some of his colleagues at the University of Technology, Jamaica to do likewise.


Public Health - A. Campbell

Description: The health care system in Jamaica has always been one in which scholars, policy makers, health planners, health economists, health care professionals and practitioners, and health care users all have a vested interest. This book comes at an opportune time as it sought to cull the literature on the Jamaican health sector in such a way as to provide the reader with “insight” into the delivery of health care services to the Jamaican citizenry over the period from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries.

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Adella Campbell

About the Author: Dr. Adella Campbell is Associate Professor and Head of School, Caribbean School of Nursing, College of Health Sciences at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Her academic journey to becoming a Registered Nurse and Midwife began at the Kingston School of Nursing. She subsequently attended the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus where she earned a Certificate in Nursing Education with Honours, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education with First Class Honours and a Master of Science in Nursing Administration also earned with distinction. She received a Commonwealth Scholarship, and earned her PhD in Nursing at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She is the first and only Jamaican nurse to be awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship and the youngest with a PhD in Nursing. Dr. Campbell has a passion for research and has undertaken in-depth research into the controversial decision by the Government of Jamaica to abolish fees in the public health system. She serves on several boards and committees, including the CARICOM Network for Nursing and Midwifery Education the Nurses Association of Jamaica, and the Policy, Train Abroad, and Nursing & Midwifery Committees of the Nursing Council of Jamaica.