University Council

The Council is the supreme University body and has legal responsibility for all University appointments and promotions, resources (financial, material and physical) and for the maintenance of standards within the University.

The Chancellor is head of the University and chairs at least one meeting of Council annually. In the absence of the Chancellor, the Council is chaired by the Pro-Chancellor. The membership consists of representatives of a wide cross section of the Jamaican society including commerce and industry, the Alumni Association, local and regional educational institutions, staff unions and the Students’ Union, professional societies and the Government. The Chancellor also has a representative on the Council. Much of the Council’s work is carried out by committees. The standing committees of the Council are Finance, Governance, Audit and the Student Appeal Board.




Mr. Lloyd Carney, Chancellor


Dr. Kevin Brown

Hon. Shirley Tyndale, OJ
Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Ronald Sutherland
President, Alumni Association


Mr Kahlil Hutchinson
President, Students' Union

Mr Aldrick McNab
Prime Minister's Nominee

Mr. David Douglas,
Minister of Education's Nominee

Ms Adonia Chin
Minister of Education's Nominee


Mr. Michael McAnuff-Jones
Private Sector Nominee

Mr. Noel Whyte
Professional Bodies Nominee

Mr. Philmore McCarthy
Association of Caribbean Tertiary Associations (ACTI)

Mrs. Corrine Richards
Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica


Mrs. Joan Lawla
Academic Staff Nominee
President, UTASU

Mrs. Joan Lawla
Academic Staff Nominee


Mrs. Dennise Haldane
Administrative Staff Nominee
President, UTASSA

Mrs. Bridget Johnson-Smith
Technical & Ancillary Nominee

Professor Nilza Aples
Deans' Nominee

Dr. Sean Thorpe
Principal Lecturer/Associate Professors and Professors Nominee


Mr. Linval Freeman
Co-opted Member


Dr. Rickert Allen (deceased 11.04.20)
Co-opted Member


Mrs. Eleanor Jones
Co-opted Member




The Academic Board established under Article 12 of the Charter is chaired by the President and is the principal body responsible for the academic governance within the University. The Board is subject to the powers of the President and Council and has the responsibility for the academic affairs of the University, both in teaching and in research, and for the regulation and superintendence of the education of the students of the University as prescribed in the Statutes.