UTech, Ja - Summary Of Graduate Courses of Study 2023/2024

COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Caribbean School of Nursing GRADUATE DEGREE: (PMSNUANFTU1) Master of Science for Nurse Anaesthesia (MNA) GRADUATE DEGREE: Post Diploma in Trauma Studies and Integrative Counselling (PPGTSICPTU1A) Master of Science in Trauma Studies and Integrative Counselling (PMSTSICPTU1A) 3 18 mths 24 mths JA$3,013,540 or US$20,550 JA$1,453,250 or US$10,300 JA$1,841,730 or US$14,776 Minimum requirement GPA of 2.7 or its equivalent. Must be a Registered Nurse with at least five (5) years working experience. Midwifery qualification is optional. Registered Nurses without midwifery qualification will be required to complete twelve (12) weeks rotation in maternity units prior to admission. Must have a minimum of one (1) year operating theatre experience Critical Care nursing experience would be an asset. Minimum requirement may be determined by Prior Learning Assessment Applicants should have a first degree with at least 2.7 GPA or its equivalent. Applicants with a first degree should have prerequisite modules in Introduction to Psychology and one of the following: Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology or Health Psychology. Applicants with years of practice providing trauma related support may be considered by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) determined by the University Applicants should demonstrate awareness of emotional and mental well-being, motivation for study and emotional maturity. Other professional certification may be considered on a case-bycase basis including the Prior Learning Assessment route (the development of a portfolio for evaluation of entry is required.) Nurse Anaesthetist Designed for senior nurses who have completed the general nursing and midwifery education programmes and hold current licensure as registered nurses, registered midwives, and the accrual of professional nursing experiences in an acute care setting for a minimum of three years. Graduates will be prepared for work in private practice and organizations where various types of Counselling with an emphasis in Trauma are required. Course of Study and Code Prescribed Duration (Years) Cost per Course of Study 2022/23 Graduate Entry Requirements 2023/2024 Career Opportunities (This list is not exhaustive) DISCLAIMER: The amounts quoted for fees in this brochure are the existing fees “per school/department” for the Academic Year 2022/2023 and are subject to changes based on variation in the number of credits assigned to the course of study and the cost per credit at the time of delivery (see page 3 for details) 2 years in classroom 6