UTech, Ja - Summary Of Graduate Courses of Study 2023/2024

FACULTY OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Caribbean School of Architecture School of Building and Land Management (1)J$5,213,300 or US$38,180 (2) $3,938,300 or US$28,841 (3) J$2,889,900 or US$21,150 For research degrees, a first class or second-class honours degree, or equivalent qualification 1. Enter MPhilBE + PhDBE at Year-1 of study --if holding an undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree in the built environment. 2. Enter for MPhilBE+ PhDBE at Year-2 of study omitting Year-1 --if already graduated with a taught Masters or equivalent degree in the built environment and holding a thesis in the Specialisation Area of choice. Candidates must satisfy the required six (6) credits of research methodology prior to completing MPhilBE Year-2. 3. Enter for PhDBE at Year-3 of study omitting the MPhilBE-Year-1 and MPhilBE- Year-2 --if holding a MPhil or equivalent degree in the built environment in the Specialisation Area of choice, from UTech, Ja. or elsewhere. NB: Architecture specialisation entry must hold architecture bachelor or masters degrees of either RIBA parts 1 and, or 2 or equivalent) These research degrees open up a massive range of possibilities for graduates who will be researchers and innovators in built environment disciplines. Graduates will be able to fulfil career paths locally, regionally and internationally in areas related to designed man-made structures, features and facilities viewed collectively as an environment in which people live and work. These they will be able to do in ways that balance and harmonize with the natural world for sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem . 4 3 2 GRADUATE DEGREE: Master of Philosophy in Built Environment /Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment (MPhilBE/PhDBE) Specialisation Areas, and listed alphabetically comprise: - Architecture (PPHBEARFTU) - Construction Technology and Management (PPHBECMFTU) - Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change (PPHBEESFTU) - Geomatics and Geoinformatics (PPHBEGGFTU) - Urban and Rural Land Management (PPHBEURFTU) 2 2 20 mths JA$1,115,160 or US$26,130 JA$992,400 or US$13,000 JA$1,817,400 or Caricom US$21,550 or Extra-Caricom US$21,300 Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (Minimum Lower Second Class Hons.) or equivalent PLUS portfolio and interview. Undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.75 (lower second class honours) or above in a relevant area. Interview required. Interview dates: February to March for early applicants; May to June for regular applicants. Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 2.7 in one of the following disciplines:(a) Built Environment or (b)Engineering or (c) Natural Sciences or related disciplines,OR An undergraduate degree in any other discipline plus (three years) relevant work experience in a related energy or climate change field,OR Candidates with significant work experience (five years or more); at a management level in the built environment, engineering or energy sectors; disaster preparedness and mitigation, or environmental management will also be considered, subject to prior learning assessment and an interview to determine aptitude for graduate level work. All applicants will be interviewed Registered Architect, Urban Designer, Interior Architect, Landscape Architecture, Real Estate Development, Construction Project Manager, Architectural Visualizer, Lecturer, Architectural Critic Built Environment Specialist, Urban Design Specialist, Construction Manager, Contractor, Property Manager, Property Assessor, Project Manager, Educator, GIS Analyst, Land Surveyor, Land Manager, Planner, Public Policy Analyst, Urban Planner, Environmental Resource Manager Policy development and analysis specializing in Energy and Climate Change, Energy demand forecasting and low carbon development, Energy Management, Renewable Energy developers, Climate Change Specialists, Disaster risk managers, Sustainable urban planners and developers, Sustainable Transportation Planners, Green business entrepreneurs GRADUATE DEGREE: (PMRARCHFTU1) Master of Architecture (MArch) GRADUATE DEGREE: Master of Science (MSc) in Built Environment Specializations: - Geomatics/Geographic Information Sciences (PMSGEOMFTU1) - Urban Design (PMSURDEFTU1) - Construction Management (PMSCOMAFTU1) - Land Management (PMSLAMAFTU1) GRADUATE DEGREE: (PMSSECCFTU1) Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change in collaboration with Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute (CSEII) 11 Course of Study and Code Prescribed Duration (Years) Cost per Course of Study 2022/23 Graduate Entry Requirements 2023/2024 Career Opportunities (This list is not exhaustive)