Community Service

The community service initiative embraces service by Full-time Students, the Alumni Association and all Staff Groups – Academic, Administrative and Support. It involves the deployment of academic, professional and technical expertise through the use of the university’s physical facilities.

The main vehicles for service are:

1. Community Service Programme 1001(CSP1010) – 1 Credit 

2. Research Projects

3. Projects undertaken by University Units e.g.

  • Development Plan for the Papine Area & its Environs (Faculty of the Built Environment).
  • The AnakayScholarship Fund (School of Engineering)
  • UTech/H.E.A.R.T NTA/ Papine High School Project – (Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies).
  • Training Programme for Mustard Seed Communities’ Caregivers (Faculty of Health & Applied Science).
  • International volunteer programme administered by the Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies (IPSL). - JAMVAT - A Jamaica Government Project whereby students do community Service and earn a tuition fee rebate.
  • “Tomorrow’s Children” (Centre for the Arts) - Adoption of NWC Basic and Mona High Schools (Faculty of Business & Management)
  • Adoption–Tower Hill Basic Sch.-Human Resource Management Dept.
  • Rehabilitation of Family – Facilities Management Department
  • Assisting abilities Foundation – Technology Innovation Centre
  • “Adopt a Student for a Week” – Student Services