Education & Public Outreach

The CSEII seeks to satisfy national and regional needs by offering relevant  courses in energy in the following areas:

  • Professional Development Courses
  • Graduate Programmes
  • Seminars - will facilitate innovation & communication of idea into Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Energy Monitoring and Auditing Teams (EMAT)

The  Institute will engage communities  in sustainable energy programmes and low carbon  emissions  development, in an effort to mitigate the impact of energy exploits on climate change.

Master of Science in Sustainable Energy & Climate Change

The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change is a response to the global drivers for sustainable development linked to energy and climate change solution. This degree is also consistent with global trends for carbon economic growth, innovation and green business development.

Energy Management Audit Team (EMAT)

Energy Monitoring and Auditing Team (EMAT) is a student oriented energy audit, efficiency conservation and monitoring programme, which was established by the AVP, Sustainable Energy in August 2011. One of the objectives of the mandatory Community Service Programme (CSP) is a community outreach component linked to the concept of sustainable development. Students are invited to serve as Energy Monitors and are afforded the opportunity to complete documented voluntary hours. These individuals are trained to be proactive in their own energy conservation, engage the wider community in energy conservation education through the distribution of brochures and other materials and importantly, to conduct level one energy audits.