Interview Dos and Don'ts

At an interview, you need to present your best professional self to an employer. Here are a few tips to ensure that your first impression is a good and lasting one. 

Interview Dos

  • Do destress yourself before interview using relaxation techniques.
  • Do focus on your skills and achievements that can be related to the particular job.

  • Do research the employer before hand.

  • Do take a practice run to the location where you are having the interview, so you know exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there.

  • Do greet interviewers by title (i.e. Ms.,Dr., Mr.).

  • Do shake hands firmly.

  • Do wait until you are offered a chair before sitting.

  • Do show enthusiasm in the position and the company.

  • Do make eye contact with your interviewer(s).

Interview Don'ts

  • Don't say anything negative about former colleagues, supervisors, or employers.

  • Don't answer cell phone calls during the interview, and do turn off (or set to silent ring) your cell phone and/or pager

  • Don't answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no." Explain whenever possible. Describe  those things about yourself that showcase your talents, skills and determination. Give examples.

  • Don't inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, or other benefits until after you've received an offer. Be prepared for a question about your salary requirements, but do try and delay salary talk until you have an offer.

  • Don't ever not ask any questions - it shows a lack of interest.

  • Don't respond to an unexpected question with an extended pause or by saying something like, "boy, that's a good question". Do not  repeat the question out loud or ask for the question to be repeated to give you a little more time to think about an answer.  Also, a short pause before responding is okay.