Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) at University of Technology

One of my primary goals after leaving secondary school was to further my education but mainly to attend a tertiary institution. This has somewhat eluded me for a number of years due to varying reasons.

In 2006, however, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, the UTech PLA. I had initially applied for a summer Programme, but was later told that it was no longer available.

Dejected, I turned away thinking, “there goes my dream”. An employee of the University, who saw my reaction, came over to me and encouraged me to apply for the normal Degree Programme “But I don’t have all the required subjects” I retorted, but again she said with emphasis, “apply”! She then left. The PLA has allowed me to realize my dream by using my past work experiences to accredit me with the necessary certification to matriculate into the University.

The experience has been tremendous. Here I am a student of humble beginnings and limited opportunities, attending one of the top Universities in the region. In another year or so, I will be able to boast to the fact that I attended University. “Thanks Utrecht"

My whole life has changed, my self esteem has grown, I have become more assertive and my confidence level is at a peak. The programme is indeed a good one and is critical to the development of a more educated work force and a more intelligent society.

I want to salute the University of Technology for adopting this programme. I have set out on a new mission aimed at emphasizing the importance, usefulness and worth of this programme to society by vowing to become the first student entered through the PLA to achieve First Class Honours.

Peter Richards
01 October, 2009


In 2005 I applied to the University of Technology to pursue a degree in Business Administration. The required qualification is five O’Levels and I had only four. I was given the option of getting the additional subject and then re-apply or enrol in the PLA programme. I took up the offer of enrolling into PLA and it was a very rewarding programme. I applied for entry requirement credits in Principles of Business but I did not have significant learning in that subject so I was given a test in Information Technology which I was successful in and this afforded me the entry requirement credits that I needed.

I was accepted into the university and I am now in my fourth year. The PLA has met with me and several other adult students who are on the programme to assess how we are doing. The PLA has help me and I would recommend the programme to any student who are having the same challenge I had.

Huelyn E. Walton
National Commercial Bank