“During my career I have only had job experience and a few job-related courses, but no formal tertiary qualification.  For self-development I needed to be enrolled in a degree program.  The Prior Learning Assessment Unit at the University of Technology, Jamaica, assessed my certification and determined that they were sufficient to augment my high school qualifications.  I have since been given the opportunity to work while I pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration.  It is very hard sometimes as I have a demanding job, but I have had some wonderful lecturers who have helped to make the experience better.  I would like to thank UTech, Jamaica for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals and I would encourage anyone wanting to further their education to apply to UTech, Jamaica, as the knowledge and experience gained is invaluable.”

Jacqueline Hinds

Student- Bachelor of Business Administration


“I had applied to the University of Technology to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computing. The minimum criteria for admission were five (5) CSEC including the compulsory subjects, Mathematics and English Language. I had five CSEC subjects and other Certificates/Diploma excluding the compulsory subjects. Though I did not met the requirements for admission I never gave up and was determined to study at UTech, Jamaica. It was then that I learned of the University of Technology, Jamaica’s Prior Learning Assessment Program. Being employed over the many years in the public and private sector, I thought it was important to pursue this opportunity. After being told about the PLA programme I then engaged the Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator who offered me the best service. The representative was very effective in following through the process which was very smooth, “No Red Tape”. My Diploma from HEART/NTA was assessed and it was found that I had completed modules equivalent to Math and English. Now I have been accepted to the University of Technology to pursue my degree programme in September 2017. With the assistance of the PLA Unit at UTech, Jamaica, I am now one step closer to realising my dream of earning my degree. I would implore all to take advantage of this opportunity to matriculate into a course of study of your choice.  I would urge all who do not meet the normal entry requirements, but who may have post-secondary certification or prior relevant experience, to speak with the Prior Learning Assessment Department at University of Technology to assess this very valuable option.” 

Fitzroy Thompson

Applicant- Bachelor of Science in Computing