Support Services

Office of Admissions & Enrolment Management

This Office has ultimate responsibility for the admission and enrolment of students. The Office is located in the building behind the Credit Union and is managed by the Assistant Registrar, Mr. Barry Thomas. He may be contacted at

The Financial Aid Office

This Office is located on the ground floor of the Student Services Building. It provides opportunities for scholarships and other funding opportunities. It also administers the Earn & Study Programme which allows students to work for limited hours on campus, during their studies. Other assistance is available, on an as-needed basis. This includes assistance with lunch, book grants and assistance in emergency situations. For further information, please visit their webpage here: Financial Aid Office.

Counselling Unit

The Counseling Unit, located in the Medical Centre, exists as an integral part of the support system to aid in the well-being of all students, faculty and staff. The Counsellors offer individual, couple, group and family therapy with a view to assisting the recipients to confidently manage the various situations with which they are confronted. For further information, please contact the Unit at (876) 927-1680-8, extensions 2028/2460.

Student Records Office

The Student Records Office is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building. It provides a wide range of services including: maintaining a filing system of past and current students; storing and safeguarding of all examination results; preparing and dispatching of transcripts/statements/status letters and other student academic records; processing of students’ academic awards for graduation, etc. The Office is managed by Ms. Ann Lodge, Student Records Officer. She can be reached at telephone (876) 927-1680-8 , extensions 2015, 2016, or 2020.

Office of Student Relations

The Office of Student Relations serves as a resource centre for students, College/Faculty Students Academic Affairs Committees (CSAAC/FSAAC), Faculty Administrators, Counsellors, Off-site Campuses and Central Administration on the University’s policies and regulations pertaining to students. Some of the matters handled by this Office include deferrals, leave of absence, withdrawals, change of status, reinstatement, non-academic misconduct, refunds, absence from exams due to illnesses, etc. For further information, please contact Ms. Denise Brown-Bell at or Ms. Keisha Beckford at

Career & Placement Unit

This Unit engages in activities that are geared towards students’ and graduates total preparedness for employment and/or entrepreneurship. Services offered include career advisement, employment empowerment sessions, mentoring programme, job placement, etc. For further information, please visit their webpage here: Career & Placement Unit

Students’ Union

As outlined in its Mission Statement, The Students’ Union seeks “To effectively serve, represent and protect the rights of students, promoting their academic, social, cultural, spiritual and physical development while fostering development with their wider community”. For further information, please visit their webpage here: UTech Students Union

Clubs and Societies

There are several student-based associations at the UTech, including the University of Technology, Jamaica, International Students’ Association (UTISA). All of these recognized clubs/societies fall under the auspices of the Students’ Union. For information on the list of recognized clubs and societies, please refer to the Student Handbook, available online at UTech Students Handbook