Student's Loan Bureau (SLB)

Students using the Students’ Loan Bureau Scheme for the payment of tuition fees will be granted financial clearance for Semester 1 only, once the loan has been approved and communication has been sent to the University electronically by the Student Loan Bureau. Students should ensure, therefore, that they:

  • Submit all the required guarantors’ documents to the SLB Pay all miscellaneous fees for enrolment – Ancillary Fees, Law Library/Axis Journal / E-Books Fee, etc.Check student in tray for financial clearance message Complete the enrolment steps outlined by the Admissions Office Follow-up with the SLB to ascertain that they have paid the agreed loan amount to the University. Students will not be allowed to sit exam if payment remain outstanding Recipients of loans from the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) are required to settle, prior to registration – all fees that are not covered by the SLB. The SLB covers tuition and assessment fees only. 


    • SLB will pay for the maximum number of credits for each level.

    • Students are required to ensure that the number of credits for each semester corresponds to the total number of credits to be taken as determined by your programme of study, to ensure that they do not exceed the amount approved at the bureau.  Should they exceed the SLB amount agreed, student will be required to pay the difference. Excess credits will not be cover by the SLB and the student will have to cover the additional cost.

    • SLB does not cover the cost for pre-university modules e.g. Developmental English, Preliminary Biology along with others as specified by your respective faculty.

    • Only Students who have a completed loan application status – i.e. “E” Status, will be allowed to register without paying Tuition & Exam Fees

NB: The SLB does not cover the cost of registration and the charges associated with Pre-University or ‘Zero’ credit courses along with any special faculty related fees. Only Tuition & Exams charges are covered by the SLB.

The SLB will also, only cover a specific number of credits as per your Academic Year/Level and programme. Cost associated with any additional credits has to be covered by the student.

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