How to Pay Your Fees

The pre-enrolment process involves paying fees and completing the registration process as approved by the University Registrar. The payment gateways and instructions are outlined below.

Payment at UTech Accounts Receivable, Papine Campus

Payment of tuition fees on campus can ONLY be made by using the following methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Manager’s Cheque

Personal Cheques are not accepted by the University, and NO cash payment of tuition fees will be permitted at Accounts Receivable.

The normal opening hours for the Accounts Receivable Unit are:

Monday–Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


NCB-UTech Keycard Cash 

The University of Technology, Jamaica has established a cashless system at all its campuses and as such all students, returning and prospective must own a cash card administered by National Commercial Bank. This re-loadable card can be used to pay Tuition and other requisite services securely on campus.

For more information on this service please visit the university’s website here NCB-UTech Keycard Cash to download a brochure and an application form.

Other Payment Locations in Jamaica:

Fees can be paid by cash, debit/credit card or Manager’s Cheques at any of the following locations:

  • Bill Express outlets island-wide
  • Paymaster outlets island-wide
  • National Commercial Bank (NCB) branches island-wide.

Your name and Student Identification Number is required for all payment transaction.

 It will take at least two (2) working days for fees paid at the National Commercial Bank, Bill Express or Paymaster outlets to be cleared. 

Payment at External Sites

  1. For NCB customers ONLY: Payments in local currency can be made to:
    • The e-banking facility at (NCB customers only); or
    • Tele-midas 1 888 NCB FIRST (1 888 622 3477)
      • UTECH’S Account Number:
        • 371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY) OR
        • 371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY)
        •  Student’s Name
        •  Student’s Identification Number
  1. Bank Procedure

On entering the bank, students should complete a Lodgement Slip based on the currency of his/her “Student Fee Breakdown” form. It is also important that the student’s identification number, name, amount and UTech’s Bank Account number are clearly stated on the Lodgement Slip. Indicate the type of payment being made, i.e. “tuition payment “or “Boarding payment”.

All fee payments at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) must be lodged to either UTech’s bank account as stated below:

    • UTECH Fee breakdown (Tuition/Boarding Invoice) with Student’s Name, ID Number & amount to be paid.
    • A completed regular NCB Deposit voucher with the following details:
      • UTECH’S Account Number:

371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY) OR
371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY)

  • Student’s Name 
  • Student’s Identification Number
  • The name of the person making the payment must be written in the section “PAID IN BY___________”
  • “UTECH School Fee Payment” must be written at the section “ACCOUNT NAME____________”
  • Include the amount being paid
  • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e.“Tuition Payment” OR “Boarding Payment”
  1. Paying fees Overseas via Funds Transfer to UTech Bank Account:

Transfer of funds should be made to National Commercial Bank (NCB), Matilda’s Corner, Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I. The following should be stated to the representative at the bank.

    • UTECH’S Account Number:
      • 371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY) OR
      • 371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY)
  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s Identification Number
  • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e.  “Tuition Payment” OR “Boarding Payment”
    • Include details of student’s name and identification number in wire transfer details. 
    • Fax bank receipt/confirmation of payment transaction to the Student Receivables at 876-970-2302.

Wire transfers take an average up to 3 working days or more, depending on the point of origin of the transfer. Any charges incurred during the transfer will be deducted from the original amount being sent and the remainder applied to the recipient’s account.

  1. Paymaster Procedure

Students are required to indicate the following to the teller at any of the Paymaster offices island-wide:

    • Provide the Paymaster representative with the following information:
      • Student Identification Number
      • Student Name
      •  Amount being paid
      • Indicate that payment is being made to “UTECH”
      • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e. “tuition payment “or Boarding payment”

The above details SHOULD be printed on the receipt when the transaction is completed!

Indicate to the teller that payment is being made to “UTech”, and also verify that the details printed on the receipt correspond to the information you have given the teller(UTech Bank Account number is NOT required).

  1. Online Payment via UTech’s Website

Payments can be made via the university’s website via the “Online Services” section. Payments via this method are possible with any of the following:

  • Keycard
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Upon payment a confirmation email will be sent to you as receipt of your payment.


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