Calculating Fees

Tuition fees = total number of credits x cost per credit. This amount will depend on the modules that you will be pursuing and their respective credit values.

Examination fees are calculated at a cost of $650.00 cost per credit for local students and $10 US for international fees.   

Local other fees

Ancillary (Non-refundable)

Students' Union


Student Welfare Fund




Jam Copy Tariff


Health Personal Accident Insurance (Non-refundable)



International Other fees

Ancillary (Non-refundable)

Students' Union


Student Welfare Fund




Jam Copy Tariff

$ 10.00

Health & Personal Accident Insurance (Non-refundable)


International Fee



‘Other fees’ are paid once for the Academic Year at registration.   This may be before Semester 1, Semester 2 or the Summer Session, depending on when your Course of Study (Programme) begins.

In addition to the foregoing fees, students to the Caribbean School of Architerure are required to pay J$1200 for the Axis Journal, students in the Faculty of Law J$5000 for Law library and students in the College of Health Sciences are required to pay J$3000.00 or US$30 for E-Books.


Students who are exempted from a module will be required to pay for the credits for which they have been exempted as stipulated by the University policy. See students’ handbook for guidance.

Fee payment calculation for the Academic Year

Semester 1

Tuition fee + Examination fee

Semester 2

Tuition fee + Examination fee


Other fees




Total Fees Payable


 When are your fees due?

With semesterisation, fees become due each Semester. For Semester 1 of the 2013/2014 Academic Year, your Semester 1 fees are due on registration which will take place between July 1st  –  August 17 rd , 2013 and for Semester 2, January 2014. The fees you will pay at the beginning of Semester 1 will be your tuition fee, examination fee and ancillary fees.   For Semester 2 you will pay tuition and examination fees.  Ancillary fees are paid once per year and include student union dues; welfare and health coverage fees, the JAMCOPY tariff* and your registration fee.
Any modules that you will do in the Summer Session are to be paid for during May 2014. 

Your commitment fees

Your commitment fee of J$15000 which you paid when you accepted our offer of a place at UTech, will go towards your Semester 1 fees.    This means that this amount will be subtracted from your invoice for Semester 1. 

Students on loans from the Students’ Loan Bureau

Recipients of loans from the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) will need to settle all fees that are not covered by the SLB to complete their registration. The SLB covers tuition and assessment fees only.

Making payments

Students will not be permitted to make part payments on their fees.

*The JAMCOPY tariff is the student’s contribution to the licence fee that the university has to pay for permission to photocopy printed materials under the Copyright Law.   This is different from what the student may have to pay for getting a particular document copied at any location on the campus.

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