Fee Payment Guide

The University of Technology, Jamaica Finance and Business Services Division has approved a fee payment guide and enrolment procedures for students attending the institution. Students are therefore required to comply with the rules stipulated in this guide which are subjected to change without notice.

Fee Structure

Fees payable upon registration at the beginning of the Academic Year are as follows:

  • Tuition
  • Examination/Assessment fee 
  • Ancillary (non-refundable):
    Students’ Union
    Student Welfare Fund
    Jam Copy Tariff
    Health/Personal Accident Insurance (non-refundable)
    Other Fees where applicable (Law Library, Axis Journal, E-Books)
  • All students are required to pay all the fee components outlined above. In addition, some Schools/Courses of Study may have other prescribed fees for particular activities. That is Axis Journal fee – applicable to Faculty of Built Environment, the Law Library fee – Faculty of Law and the E-Books fee applicable to the College of Health Sciences, etc.
  • The minimum number of credits that can be taken in any Semester is 9 credits.
  • The University reserves the right to make adjustments to the fees without notice.

Payment Information

The University introduced new segments of its semesterisation system in the Academic Year 2009/10 — arrangements that allow students to select modules and class times online using UTech’s Students Portal via our website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm. The tuition fee is based on modules students will undertake during the academic year, along with examination / assessment fees, which should be paid per semester. Ancillary fees are paid yearly.

The tuition fee that you pay is calculated on a per credit basis. The cost per credit for each module is determined by the Faculty/College from which it is being offered and the associated credit value for each module. This is also based on the total number of credits that you will undertake in a given academic year. Therefore it is important that each student ascertain the cost per credit rate assigned to their faculty/school.

PROCEDURES APPLICABLE TO STUDENTS for generating their invoices are as follows:

  • Log into the Student Portal via UTech’s website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm
  • Select modules to be pursued at the beginning of each semester (Semester 1 / Semester 2 /Semester 3)
  • Submit and Confirm modules then Print invoice for modules selected
  • Pay in full at any National Commercial Bank, Bill Express or Paymaster island wide.
  • Log into the Student Portal via UTech’s website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm after two (2) clear working days and view the ‘In-Tray’ for the Financial Clearance message.
  • Await Financial Clearance by monitoring the ‘In-tray’ on the student portal, if modules are not confirmed and full payment is not received financial clearance will not be granted.
  • If Financial Clearance (FC) is granted, follow the steps contained within the FC message to complete enrolment steps online

Please note the financial clearance process is an automated feature and will only be granted when the full payment has been received as per the student invoice.

Your commitment fee paid to secure your place at UTech represents your ancillary fee (applicable to year 1 students only), and should be subtracted from your invoice viewed online, and the difference paid. Students will not be permitted to make part payment on modules selected as per semester, instead you will be required to select modules based on affordability and pay full fee on registration. Part payment will not be allowed.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

A Student will be deemed to be in arrears if:

  • Fees from previous years are unpaid (student will not be allowed to register/make module selections)
  • An expected payment is not received on or before the due date, or
  • Any late fees or miscellaneous fees are unpaid.
  • Students who are in arrears will not be afforded normal student privileges, including access to the library.
  • Students who are in arrears will be deregistered.
  • Individuals attending class who have not registered, or who have been deregistered, are not students.
  • Students whose payments are late will be charged a late fee

Students who have been deregistered are liable for the amount in arrears and no amounts will be refunded.

Financial Clearance

Students will not be required to visit the campus to obtain “Financial Clearance”. The Students Receivable Unit, in conjunction with the Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) Department, will be downloading data as per payment agencies and uploading information to students’ accounts in accordance with payment records received from each agency to facilitate automated financial clearance for each student. Students should refer to the online Registration Guide, which gives the steps and procedures for completing all steps for enrolment.
You will receive messages to your ‘In-Tray’ on the Student Portal, to inform students of their registration status. Students should monitor their student portal ‘In tray’ for messages regarding their Financial Clearance status. Students are urged to take note of the details of the message and follow the recommended actions. If after two (2) clear working days following your fee payment you have not received financial clearance by a message in your ‘In-tray’, you should send an email to our attention at Students Receivables: recaccounts@utech.edu.jm.

The notification message you will receive in your in tray may include;

  • “You have been financially cleared……”
  • “You have not paid the requisite amount to be registered… The remaining balance must be settled to avoid penalties.
  • “Your financial status cannot be assessed because you have not confirmed your selections.

*Please take note of the instructions displayed where it indicates that there is a problem and follow recommended action. Follow the enrolment steps outlined by the Admissions Office, you cannot be registered unless the requisite fees have been paid and financial clearance approval given electronically based on your invoice and payment agreement.

Student Data

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) Department and, where applicable, the Accounts Department and the Financial Aid Office have his/her current telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses. Any correction to your data must be done online before completing the enrolment procedure. It is the responsibility of the student to check e: Vision and their mailboxes periodically, especially prior to payment deadlines and the deadline for the issue of exam cards.

Students are also encouraged to retain all receipts for transactions done with the University and our external payment agencies for future reference.


Students who have received approval for exemption on modules from the University’s Academic Board will be required to pay the associated cost assigned to the module, and will not be entitled to a reduction in fees and or a refund.

Redo Registration

Year 4–5 students who have failed modules during the course of the academic year and wish to redo these modules; given that they are being offered during the semester, will be required to follow the steps below:

  • Complete “Redo” form in triplicate and obtain the signature of the Dean of Faculty/Head of School/ Programme Director to register for modules
  • Proceed to the Admissions Office to process and enter modules on diet and create invoice
  • Proceed to Accounts Receivable to pay amount indicated on invoice (part payment is not allowed)

The cost associated with redo is charged on a per credit per module basis. Students who have submitted forms for processing to the Admissions Office and who are absent from an exam and/or who fail to pay fees as stipulated, are liable to all redo fees as stated on their account and will be awarded a failing grade for that module.

Year 1–3 students will be required to re-register for failed modules online at the next available sitting and pay cost assigned to modules.

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