Name: Garcia Green-McLennon (Mrs.)
Position: Director, Student Financing
Portfolio: Overall Management of the Department’s Operations
Extension: 2083

Name: Janet Murphy (Ms.)
Position: Receivable Accountant
Portfolio: Student Receivables & Debt Management

Name: Anthea Graham (Mrs.)
Position: Snr. Accounting Assistant, Debt Management
Portfolio: Sponsorship and Bad Debt
Extension: 2184

Name: Andrea Robinson (Ms.)
Position: Snr. Accounting Assistant, Student Receivables
Portfolio: Students Accounts, Refunds, SLB
Extension: 2062

Name: Jennifer Valentine (Ms.)
Position: Supervisor
Portfolio: Cashiering
Extension: 2011

Name: Damion Atkinson (Mr.)
Position: Snr. Accounting Assistant, Customer Service
Portfolio: Customer Service
Extension: 3016

Name: Pauline Madourie (Mrs.)
Position: Scholarship Officer
Portfolio: Scholarships and Bursaries
Extension: 2219

Name: Terry-Ann Rhule (Miss)
Position: Welfare Officer
Portfolio: Welfare Grants and Earn & Study
Extension: 2204