Message from the President

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2017!  Your arrival at this pinnacle of your journey has resulted from putting in the required work, staying the course, overcoming challenges and persevering to achieve success. Now the rewards are yours to enjoy.

Be proud of what you have achieved and celebrate your achievements with your parents, guardians, family, mentors, sponsors, lecturers, administrators and your fellow graduates and friends who have supported you in making this happy moment possible.

Your newly acquired UTech, Jamaica educational experience has prepared you to confidently move on to the world of work, to further studies and to making a valuable contribution to your chosen profession, your community and your country. Jamaica is relying on our graduates to further propel our nation into the realm of developed country status that will truly make it a place to “live, work, raise families and do business.”

The University of Technology, Jamaica takes pride in our mandate to produce well-rounded graduates who are equipped not only with sound theoretical knowledge, but also with the capacity to apply know-how for innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, to add value to development anywhere in the world.  

In the context of a Jamaican economy that is unable to absorb and properly remunerate all tertiary level graduates, I encourage you to use your newly acquired skills to create your own jobs and to create employment for others that will serve as a catalyst for nation building, economic growth and development.

I invite you to maintain a relationship with your alma mater.  Through your participation in our Alumni Association and other areas of mutually beneficial collaboration, the value of your certification and the good name of the University of Technology, Jamaica will continue to increase in value.

I wish for you every success as you go confidently into pursuing a lifetime of fulfilling your dreams of excellence and service to others.


Professor Stephen Vasciannie, CD